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Richmond Hill Official Plan

What is an Official Plan
An Official Plan establishes policies for the physical, social and economic growth of the community, and ensures that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of its inhabitants. It is a land-use planning document prepared with input from members of the community to guide development decisions, including:
  • the location and type of housing, employment and shopping areas, parks and open spaces, and schools;
  • what infrastructure, such as streets, water and wastewater services, and waste management, will be needed; and,
  • how natural areas and ecosystems will be protected.
The Richmond Hill Official Plan sets out the vision for future growth of the municipality and land use in conformity with the Regional Official Plan and Provincial Policies until 2031. The Plan sets out the Town’s vision for “building a new kind of urban” community through a set of guiding principles (complete communities, environment, economy, place-making and mobility) and a series of integrated land use and design planning policies. To support the Town’s vision, growth is directed away from environmental areas that will be enhanced as part of a connected Greenway System over time. Employment lands are protected to promote long term economic vitality. New development will be concentrated in a network of centres and corridors that are pedestrian-oriented, compact and human-scaled. Each area of the Town will continue to have an identifiable character and identity as a result of policies that ensure compatibility with existing development, promote innovative sustainable design, and a place-based approach to housing and intensification.

Richmond Hill's Official Plan

The Official Plan is in effect for the majority of lands within Richmond Hill as of April 5, 2012 except for certain policies that apply to the deferred areas, which remain under appeal (See the Explanatory Note at the beginning of the document and the areas shown on Schedule A0 (Deferred Areas) for more details).

OMB Partially Approved Official Plan - May 25, 2016 [PDF]
OP Cover Annotated

Official Plan Approval History
  • OMB Decisions & Orders
  • OP as Endorsed & Modified by York Region Council (May 2011)
  • Council Adopted Official Plan (July 2010)
  • Draft Official Plan (May 6, 2010)

    Official Plan Background Studies
  • Socio-Economic Study
  • Policy Context Paper
  • Urban Structure Study
  • Environmental Policy Review
  • Housing and Residential Intensification Study
  • Economic Policy Review
  • Infrastructure & Servicing Review [PDF]
  • Parkland Review
  • Urban Design Review
  • Heritage Review
  • Downtown Design and Land Use Strategy
  • Richmond Hill Regional Centre Design and Land Use Study
  • David Dunlap Observatory

    Other Information
  • A Citizen's Guide to the Official Plan
  • York Region Official Plan
  • OP Guiding Principles
  • OP Major Policy Directions
  • Urban Structure
  • OP Public Consultation
  • OP Summit Recap
  • OP Updater newsletter 

    Official Plan Photos
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